Jasper joins for a PODCAST! 

Jasper Patterson has been a Theatre Producer and Director and currently has anArt collective called Rackor with the mission of forming the human interaction between virtual reality technology and live performance. 

“We have the opportunity to open ourselves more and use it as what’s been called the ultimate empathy machine and use it to connect to others half-way across the Globe in ways that’s never been possible before and create new forms of emotional connections that were not even conceivable before this technology was distributed in the ways it is now.” – Jasper


Here's What Happens When Dancing Meets Creative Coders

"What do you get when 70 dancers and creative coders meet for a hackathon? Chaos, yes, but also 18 compelling two-minute performances using both familiar and emerging new media tools, like full-body motion tracking, livestreamed 360-degree video, projection mapping, machine learning, virtual reality, and repurposed biometric data. This celebration of tactile performance and digital art forms the basis for DanceHackDay, an annual project hosted by Kinetech Arts, which was hosted at CounterPulse in San Francisco earlier this month." -VICE


Our 12 Fringiest Picks For The San Francisco Fringe Festival

Head(set)s up, virtual reality fans — Eccentricon is “the first Fringe Show taking place in Virtual Reality”. Combining onstage antics with live CGI, the multimedia show is put on by Raktor, a duo whose diverse resumes include stints with entities ranging from Microsoft Research to Fou Fou Ha.  - JOE KUKURA