Our Clients

Our clients include Deschutes Brewery, Upload VR, Jaunt VR, Institute for the Future, Counterpulse, Codame, DANCE:HACK SF, Kinetech Arts, SF International Arts Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and San Francisco Fringe Festival.

Deschutes 360 Video

Mock startup pitch for the most realistic virtual reality technology ever created. Presented for Dorkbot at Gray Area Theatre. By Dustin Freeman and Jasper de Tarr.

Interactive Virtual Reality Theater by Raktor
By Raktor (http://raktor.org/). Debuting at TIFF POP 3 (http://www.tiff.net/events/pop-3/), Inverse Dollhouse is a multiplayer VR experience. Inverse Dollhouse takes the tender analog experience of building a environment for a doll, and makes that doll a real person. One player, in a VR headset, is the doll, and several players using a tablet can build a domestic environment around them.
Jasper's Interactive Head Stage, Art Direction By Jasper Patterson, concept and build by Karl Simmons, Animation by Olly Ballstrom, Programming by Chris Crismond and Sevag Chancharian
A festival bringing hackers and dancers together. Workshops in multiple platforms in 3d motion computer interfaces. Produced by Kinetech and New Eccentric.
A sample of work directing technology and live performance for circus and theater. Video documentation credit to Mark McBeth, Brian Bernhardt